Aang And Katara Wedding Scene

We have yet to figure out if it. The union between avatar aang and princess katara has been approved by their families, their peers, and the spirits. the shaman said.

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I now pronounce you husband and wife! and, just like that, aang and katara were married.

Aang and katara wedding scene. 1 overview 2 synopsis 3 credits 4 production notes 4.1 transcript 4.2 avatar extras 4.3 series continuity 4.4 goofs 4.5 trivia 5 references traveling by foot, team avatar accidentally. Mai came to as zuko's date. The last airbender, their eventual romantic pairing during the finale sozin's comet, part 4.

It debuted on may 6, 2005. Aang and toph both gave him a 'look.' bad idea? said zuko. Aang and katara's wedding, the births of their children, and how they spent their time as a family.

Mai, suki, and toph are here. Katara & aang are similar but are still able to balance each other out generally, each of the benders of the gaang have personalities that correspond to their given element: When katara feels she has to get revenge over the man who killed her mother, aang implores her not to.

Even though the age difference is the same (aang is two years younger than katara while zuko is two. Sokka brings azula home to meet his family and of course, the shenanigans continue. He starts a little family with katara after things settle down a bit, producing three beautiful children in quick succession:

1 aang and katara's wedding 2 story line 3 characters 4 chapters 5 see more aang and katara are getting married. We have been at the southern air temple for a few days. Okay, then, how do people in the southern water tribe propose? i was actually talking about that to katara's dad awhile back, said aang.

While toph she, is here because we asked her to come. For once, katara is the awkward one as she pulls aang into a hug against a backdrop of a beautiful sunset. Zuko is intense like fire, aang is aloof and carefree like air, katara is nurturing like water, and toph is brash and tough like earth.

While katara (mae whitman) and aang (zach tyler eisen) became a couple at the end of the third and final season of avatar: For the titular character, see jet. Many enjoyed speculating on what the comics and the series didn't cover:

The wedding of katara and aang took place three weeks after the winter solstice in 105 ag, just a few years after the end of the hundred year war.the event and celebration were held in the traditional southern water tribe style. The last airbender, many fans of the series still believe katara and zuko (dante basco) would have made a better match.while aang and katara were close friends throughout avatar: Bad idea, aang and toph agreed.

Katara and aang are also there, and she still doesn't approve of her brother's relationship with the notorious princess. See more ideas about avatar, avatar aang, avatar the last airbender. And as mike and bryan are gleeful to point out, katara kisses aang, “she’s finally ready” and it’s a bloody passionate kiss.

When katara and aang got engaged, a lot of folks envision a wedding at the south pole. With the giving nature of katara and her fascination with the air nomads, i have always envisioned that she would want to get married the air nomad way, with some water tribe traditions. The last airbender is a treasured animation with a dedicated fanbase that loved following the journey of aang, katara, sokka, and the rest of team avatar.

She is a skilled waterbender just like katara, and is particularly skilled in the art of healing. After all these years, he was still my best friend. Iroh turned to the bride.

This article is about the episode. This is a line that aang says to katara during the southern raiders episode. Now that the strict structure of the water tribe wedding ceremony was over, he kissed her.

The only time when katara and aang’s romantic relationship really picked up steam was in the final season of the show, culminating in the final scene of the original series where the two finally share a reciprocated kiss. With the help of the guys, i have been getting the temple cleaned up. Suki is here with sokka.

And do you, katara of the water tribe, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? the woman known as katara looked at aang in the eyes. Sokkla will continue to annoy her and of course they will make a scene at katara's wedding. Together he and his close friend and wife katara aang also carried on the tradition of the air nomads.

But aang makes a confession that leads zuko to have doubts about their arrangement. You may kiss the bride. iroh said to aang. It starts off with aang flying to the fire nationto propose to katara and them getting married with all their friends.

I now pronounce you husband and wife. Aang moved in on katara and the two embraced in a very passionate kiss. Katara and aang's middle child, kya, is named after katara and sokka's late mother.

You know, getting information on southern culture and stuff. Cut to roku, on whose right is sozin, holding a scroll. Their adventure across the four elemental nations has inspired and fascinated fans across the world.

As an air nomad, the legend of korra's aang has no parents— which zuko crudely mentions in an early episode— but that doesn't mean he doesn't know anything about fatherhood. As romantic as the tone was, it was offset somewhat by the atmosphere between the two leading up to that moment. Of their three children — bumi, kya, and tenzin — two became airbenders.

The last airbender and the tenth of the overall series. So if roku and sozin are a metaphor for aang and zuko, who is a metaphor for katara? As the wedding of the daughter of a tribal chief and the avatar, the ceremony and reception were large and extravagant and guests from all over the world came to attend.

Sequel to the wedding date. Aang/katara is the main canon pairing of avatar:. Aang couldn't resist any longer.

After aang, katara, and zuko have become lovers, aang and zuko have the opportunity for a night alone in cranefish town (which will become republic city). [scene changes to a wedding ceremony and celebration in a fire nation courtyard, with many guests attending. It’s a great moment because aang and katara both have times where they try to help one another see the right thing to do, and they always have each other’s best.

The war is over and they’re finally ready to be with one another. Jet is the tenth episode of book one: 105ag this fanfiction is about aang and katara getting married.

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