Aquamarine Wedding Ring Meaning

Wedding decorations wedding gifts wedding accessories. Aquamarine was once referred to as the “sailor’s stone,” because ancient sailors believed that the stone would protect them from disasters at sea.

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Its name means “water of the sea” in latin, which is quite romantic in and of itself, especially if the engagement ring is for someone who loves the sea.

Aquamarine wedding ring meaning. The meaning and history of aquamarine. The name comes from two latin words, aqua marinus, and means “water of the sea,” which refers to its. Put aquamarine gemstone in the bedroom is believed to increase communication between couples.

Aquamarine engagement ring meaning is protected from temptation and a happy future. Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of march. Many people believe that aquamarine engagement rings meaning is luck.

Aquamarine has several important meanings as the gem is the birthstone for the month of march as well as the traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary. Legend has it that aquamarine provides mental clarity and good health, and that it protects the wearer against foes in battle or litigation. This ring has a vintage shape, but it can easily blend in with modern pieces, as it’s not too big.

Many of those antique rings, even the large cocktail beauties, are being repurposed as wedding rings and gifts. This ring is currently a size 6 however we will customize to fit your requirements free of charge. The word “aquamarine” comes from the latin words “aqua” and “mare”, meaning “water” and “sea”.

Romans also believed it nurtured young love, and was a gift newlywed husbands would often give their brides on the wedding night. Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, with sister stones like emerald and morganite. Wedding ring set, 9x11mm oval cut aquamarine engagement ring,filigree,14k white gold, full eternity wedding band,art deco,milgrain,bezel.

This stone is great for accessories or amulet. In greece, aquamarine was said to bring good fortune and safety to sailors during their voyages. But while aquamarine looks gorgeous, is it a good stone for engagement rings?

Please allow two weeks for custom sizing. Aquamarine is a “stone of courage and protection”. In the middle ages, aquamarines were commonly used for wedding rings and was believed to symbolize youth, happiness and love.

Aquamarine, the gemstone most associated with sea water, has always had ties to the healing and cleansing nature of the sea. Before that, an aquamarine ring is a great choice for couples in love, because it enhances their happiness. In particular, those with emotional problems will find aquamarine very helpful in their journey to recovery.

You pay the same price. The aquamarine is not only the march birthstone, but is the gem designated to be given for t he 19th wedding anniversary. The name aquamarine is derived from the latin words:

Sailors often keep aquamarine birthstone to protect the ship during the seas. The stone is believed to symbolize health, courage, and clear communication, all things that are important in any marriage, which may account for their popularity in engagement rings. Another interesting fact about the aquamarine ring is that it is considered to be a lucky gift on the 19th wedding anniversary.

The name of this precious gem comes from the latin term for seawater , and legend has it that the stone was thought to calm rough seas and help protect sailors from turmoil and harm. Its colour varies from pale blue or turquoise to deep blue, depending on the amount of iron present in the crystal. Aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning of the sea.

Aquamarine has been traditionally used for wedding ring or birthday gifts. Aquamarine was used by sailors to bring good luck during their voyages, due to its association with the color of the sea. According to the old traditions, aquamarine engagement rings promise a happy marriage and are said to bring the woman who wears it joy and wealth into the bargain.

The seawater color of aquamarine has given this gemstone its name as the name “aquamarine” is derived from the latin word for seawater. 5 out of 5 stars (192) $ 28.00. For instance, aquamarine jewelry is traditionally the gift given for a couple’s 19th wedding anniversary.

It was also believed to give eternal youth to the wearer. For symbolic jewelry, a groom may choose an aquamarine engagement ring for his bride's birthstone or a husband might mark his 19th wedding anniversary by gifting his wife with an aquamarine eternity ring. Aquamarine and diamond engagement rings are fairly common, so if you are also partial to diamonds, it won’t be hard to get the best of both worlds.

See more ideas about aquamarine stone, diamond, aquamarine engagement ring. The rich symbolism of the stone lends itself perfectly to the purpose. The specific term “aquamarine” was apparently used in an important gemological work by anselmus de boodt in his gemmarum.

As for aquamarine metaphysical properties, it is a gem of healing. In ancient rome, soldiers believed that carving the shape of a frog into aquamarine would reconcile enemies. The name “aquamarine,” means “means water of the sea,” a name that had its beginnings in the early 1700s.

Links on this site to external sites may be affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase from that site, beadage gets a small percentage of what you pay. Some people use aquamarine gemstone because they believe that this gemstone has meaning. The aquamarine derives from the mineral beryl, like emeralds.

To see a video of this ring in natural light please visit. Aquamarine sterling silver ring fine jewelry crystal jewelry birthstone ring dainty ring aquamarine meaning gift for her jewelry gift gemdipity. So those considering aquamarine engagement rings, think no further, along with the charming look of mesmerizing blue, these rings will also shower luck and blessings on your partner and your relationship together!

The beauty of aquamarine engagement rings is not just about the color.

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