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5 ways that chuck and blair are perfect together (& 5 ways they aren't) Dan is not planning on going, but when he gets a text from gossip girl saying that if he does not take blair to the party, she will release the fact that dan sent in the video of blair and chuck at the wedding.

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They marry, but their wedding is interrupted by a video of blair's confession of love to chuck, and louis makes sure blair knows he only married her to save face and behind the scenes, they have no relationship.

Chuck and blair wedding vows. When a blizzard threatens to postpone their wedding, phoebe and mike decide to go through with the ceremony anyway and get married in the middle of the street in new york. She leaves the room to attend the ceremony, leaving chuck alone in the room. Blair and chuck say their own vows, which includes a throwback to an earlier episode:

Blair and nate *finally* have sex for the first time (albeit after blair’s already slept with his bff chuck bass, unbeknownst to nate, of course), fans get a bit more of a backstory into lily van der woodsen and rufus humphrey’s past (as in lily’s mom forbid them from being together), and after initially being thwarted by serena’s. Chuck and blair's wedding pictures on gossip girl see chuck and blair's gossip girl wedding album! Though gossip girl made a point to revolve around serena, blair quickly became the romantic hero when no one was paying attention.

This amazing elie saab number is a sparky powder blue gown and chuck wears a white tux with matching blue accents for their whirlwind wedding in central park. Unlimited consultation and planning assistance. Eventually, with the help of georgina sparks, blair and louis divorce.

Of the vows (which she found in her room, not the best hiding place, louis) she said, “it’s like he peered into my soul. Their vows are honest, goofy (as phoebe's big day should be), and sweet. Personal printing rights for all.

Five years later, chuck and blair are married with a son, nate is running for mayor, blair is head of waldorf designs, georgina is dating jack bass (wtf!) and serena and dan are getting married. At the wedding, chuck dedicates his speech to blair and announces he intends to fight for her. A recovered chuck, unaware of the agreement blair has chosen to stand by, is left heartbroken and more determined than ever to figure out why the love of his life is now running away from him.

I ask you to share this world with me, together for all the days to come. You make me the best person i could ever hope to be. And let's not forget, dan wrote prince louis' wedding vows, which made an unsure blair, who sneakily read them before the wedding, feel confident about marrying louis (not knowing she actually.

Blair tries to set dan and serena up at the party, but when she notices the lack of interest dan has in pursuing his old relationship with serena. You're a gift i never dreamed i could want or need and every day i will show you you're a gift i deserve. However, unknown to blair, dan was the one who wrote the vows, after louis asked him to.

Afterwards, they dance together and agree to take their relationship slow. Travel fees may apply if more than 50 miles from jackson, ms. A week after the wedding, blair is packing to spend the summer in europe with chuck.

On her wedding day, blair and chuck confront each other once again, and blair declares that she does indeed love him, but cannot be with him. He could have been and should have been, but nope, we need dan to be gossip girl and the villain and blair to end up with chuck and for them to play out their 'epic' love story with basically the same scenes that they played out over and over and over and over again. Her quest to find true love was the most relatable element of the show and the audience followed her triumphs and heartbreaks.

(blair has to be the bride, so.) Wedding (s05e13) at louis and blair's wedding, chuck tries his hardest to sway blair away from marrying prince louis blair loses the baby while attempting to flee her engagement with chuck and ultimately decides to stay with louis. I know that louis loves me but sometimes i wonder if he understands me.

'chuck & blair' wedding collection | $2000. Reading this was exactly what i needed to go into our wedding sure of my choice.” dan’s wedding vows to blair say: The first time she gets married, she is five years old.

At one point, blair plans to leave louis but ultimately doesn't. Chuck with blair on the morning of her wedding. The last time we saw chuck (ed westwick) and blair together, they were confessing their love to each other in the back of a limousine.

Up to five hours coverage. Not only was the aftermath of blair and chuck's explosive car crash finally revealed, but the fate of blair's baby (gone), her impending wedding to louis (still on), chuck's death (and subsequent. Last week was the big gossip girl 100th episode royal wedding and so now we know that blair (leighton meester) did in fact go through with it and is now married to louis (hugo becker).

In the pictures released, the writers really have kept fans guessing. Chuck may be blair's one great romance but dan is indisputably the right one for her. Right before the cops take them away.

Since blair already did the princess wedding once, she keeps her second wedding dress true to her own personal style.

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