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By andy swift / april 28 2015, 2:46 pm pdt. The last time we saw damon and elena, they were reunited, married, and living a full and happy life.

Do you love Elena or Damon ? Delena, Growing old

Elena with her parents and aunt jenna and her biological father know as uncle john.

Damon and elena wedding what season. Damon killed jeremy in season 2's Tap to play or pause gif the cw and now, damon finally got his wish to have children with elena Indeed, stefanie salvatore — as referenced during a season 1 episode of the cw’s legacies — is the daughter of elena gilbert and damon salvatore, named in loving memory of the late, great.

Like their identical counterparts, silas and amara, stefan and elena's doppelganger heritage made them predestined to fall in love with each other. Are you here?”, she called out. Nina dobrev left the vampire diaries for good in the season 6.

Delena fans got what they wanted … well, almost everything! A synopsis for episode 20 was posted on the futon critic and it indicates that damon and elena will talk about the potion that could free them from the vampiric curse. Throughout the vampire diaries seasons 1 and 2, elena and stefan served as the show's central couple.

Meanwhile, a slew of promo images for the show's may 7 episode features elena and damon (ian somerhalder) getting cozy with each other during a wedding ceremony. Cw “the vampire diaries” dropped shocker after shocker in. E7 · do you remember the….

The pair quickly bonded and, despite a few bumps in the road, elena and stefan formed a romantic relationship. E3 · welcome to paradise. When sybil erases elena from damon's consciousness only to insert herself into their memories, damon fights back, instinctively drawn back to elena.

E22 · i'm thinking of you all…. Damon and elena learn to tolerate one another over the course of the first season, even forming a “friendship” of sorts. Elena will stop at nothing to reach her goal, and seems to no longer care for those that she once considered her friends.

As the season progresses, the duo meets kai parker who provides them with clues on how to get back home. I looked through episodes in season one and two, to see if there were any more hidden messages or parallels in their scenes and in the music, and this is what i found. When the siren takes control of damon's mind in season 8, damon spends a significant amount of time sleeping, seeking refuge in dreams of his memories of elena.

Weddings are supposed to be a happy. Here, we still have a little trouble to tell ourselves that there is the series is well and well finished. The house was quiet when elena came in.

The relationship between elena gilbert and damon salvatore has been complicated throughout the series, due to the fact that damon is in love with elena and she is romantically involved with damon's brother, stefan salvatore. [4] he has brief moments of compassion, however, such as erasing jeremy gilbert's memory of vampires and removing his Concluding in a cliffhanger, the next season reveals what really happened to damon and enzo.

The vampire diaries season 6 finale said a heartbreaking goodbye to nina dobrev — read the recap! So, well delivered from the finale of the vampire diaries ? Damon and elena get cozy at jolaric's wedding.

The song never say never by the frey started to play when elena came down the hall. Elena and damon shower scene this story has some adult content to it which i’ll have to say it’s rated ma for some content. E4 · black hole sun.

Played by paul wesley, stefan burst into elena's life after saving her from a car accident. However, they have formed a strong bond over the past three seasons and despite multiple arguments and misunderstandings, it's evident that elena cares a great deal for damon and may also harbor romantic feelings for him as well, however her loyalty to stefan prevents. John's love of film and television defies genre and sometimes even logic.

The pilot episode when bonnie touches elena, she sees an image of damon, not stefan, even though elena's encounter with stefan is a much bigger deal. From because the night, onward, the relationship between damon and elena seems to be broken beyond repair due to a conflict of interest: During the season finale, things take a turn for the unexpected when.

Damon wants elena to take the cure at all cost, whereas elena wants to find the cure first so she can keep the salvatore brothers from making her take it. Elena's marriage witness was caroline forbs and damon's witness was bonnie benett. “and in another universe, if elena hadn’t left the show in season six, we might have had another ending because i am a stelena ‘shipper.

They are also revealed to be married, growing old, and finding peace together. In 'dangerous liaisons', elena, frustrated with her feelings for him, tells damon that his love for her may be a problem and that this could be causing all their troubles. E6 · the more you ignore me,….

Elena (nina dobrev) and damon (ian somerhalder) imagined a human life together in the vampire diaries season 6, episode 19. Damon was waiting on the altar for elena to come. Season 5 sheds new light on their epic romance, as well as the origins of the doppelgangers.

Hearing no response she headed upstairs towards his bedroom. Unlike delena, stelena had the power of fate on their side. She wanted desperately to talk to damon about their kiss last night.

And it really is hard to please everyone,” he added. Elena (nina dobrev) and damon (ian somerhalder) thought about the future in the vampire diaries season 6, episode 21. They don’t on screen, but is stated in the finale episode with elena writing in her journal of the show that they got married and lived a long happy life before they die of old age and are reunited with their loved ones.

One in which both stefan (paul wesley) and damon (ian somerhalder) would sacrifice themselves for elena (nina dobrev).now, we’ve found out that a crucial scene between damon and elena was cut from the finale altogether. Damon and elena get cozy at jolaric's wedding. Elena and damon decided to marry in mystic fall's founder's hall.

E5 · the world has turned and…. Did damon and elena get married?

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