How Many Episodes in The Old Man TV Series

The Old Man is a TV series that has captured the attention of viewers worldwide since its release. With its gripping plot, stellar cast, and intriguing characters, it’s no wonder why people are eagerly tuning in. However, one question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is just how many episodes are there in The Old Man? This may seem like a simple question, but it’s essential to know the answer if you’re planning on watching the series. In this post, we’ll explore the number of episodes in The Old Man and provide a detailed overview of each episode for those who are interested in watching or have already enjoyed the series.

Overview of The Old Man Series

Overview of The Old Man Series

The Old Man is an American TV series that premiered on FX on September 12, 2021. It is a thriller drama series revolving around the story of Dan Chase (played by Jeff Bridges), a former CIA operative who has been living off the grid for over three decades until he is forced to come out of hiding to confront his past.

The show is based on the novel “The Old Man” by Thomas Perry and is created by John Lithgow and Jonathan E. Steinberg. The series has garnered great reviews from critics and audiences alike for its gripping plot, strong performances, and well-crafted characters.

The plot of the show follows Dan Chase, who is living in isolation when he is suddenly attacked by unknown assailants. He quickly realizes that the attack is linked to his mysterious past as a CIA operative, which he thought he had left behind. To protect himself and his family, Dan must confront his former boss (played by John Lithgow) and unravel a conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

Apart from Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow, the show also features a talented cast including EJ Bonilla, Alia Shawkat, Amy Brenneman, and more. Each actor brings their A-game to the table, making the show a truly captivating watch.

Overall, The Old Man is a must-watch TV series for anyone looking for a thrilling drama with a well-crafted plot and exceptional performances.

Number of Episodes in The Old Man

The Old Man is a suspenseful TV series that keeps the audience glued to their screens with its gripping storyline and dynamic characters. If you’re wondering how many episodes are in this series, we’ve got you covered. The Old Man consists of just one season, which premiered on FX in 2020. This single season comprises ten episodes, each running for approximately 45 minutes.

The decision to keep The Old Man as a limited series with only one season was intentional. The creators wanted to tell a complete story without dragging it on unnecessarily. This approach allowed them to focus on making every episode count and ensuring that no moment felt wasted or filler.

The ten-episode length of The Old Man is ideal for viewers who prefer shorter series with a definite ending. It’s long enough to explore the various characters and plot points in detail but short enough to keep the pace moving swiftly. Each episode is carefully crafted to build tension and suspense while advancing the overarching narrative of the series.

In conclusion, The Old Man is a thrilling TV series that packs a punch with its concise storytelling and well-defined characters. With only ten episodes total, it’s easy to binge-watch over a weekend and get fully immersed in the world of the show. If you haven’t watched The Old Man yet, now’s the perfect time to dive into this captivating series.

Exploring the Episodes of The Old Man in Detail

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 1: Pilot

The first episode of “The Old Man” is titled “Pilot,” and as the name suggests, it sets the stage for what’s to come. The pilot episode is crucial for any TV series, as it introduces the characters, establishes the plot, and hooks the audience. Let’s dive into the details of this introductory episode.

Episode Synopsis

The pilot opens with Dan Chase (played by Jeff Bridges) living a secluded life in a small town in California. He’s a former CIA operative who has been hiding out for years under the assumed name of Harold Harper. We get a glimpse into his daily routine, which includes fishing and painting, establishing him as a man of few words who enjoys solitude.

The plot thickens when Dan’s past catches up with him in the form of a group of armed men who raid his home. They are looking for something that Dan has hidden, but he manages to fend them off. Meanwhile, CIA agent Angela Swann (played by Alia Shawkat) tracks down Dan and tries to convince him to help her with a case that involves a Russian spy.

As the episode progresses, we learn more about Dan’s background and the events that led him to go off the grid. The tension builds up as we see him navigate through dangerous situations while trying to keep his identity hidden.

Character Introduction

Aside from Dan Chase, we are also introduced to some other key players in the pilot episode. There’s Zoe (played by Kate Vernon), Dan’s daughter who he hasn’t seen in years. She shows up at his doorstep unannounced, adding an emotional layer to the story. Then there’s Luis (played by EJ Bonilla), a young man who works with Dan and becomes caught up in the danger surrounding him.

Jeff Bridges shines in his portrayal of Dan Chase. He brings a quiet intensity to the role, making it clear that Dan is a man who has seen and done things that he’d rather forget. Alia Shawkat also impresses with her performance as Angela Swann, a determined agent who isn’t afraid to bend the rules to get what she wants.


The pilot episode of “The Old Man” is a promising start to the series. It sets up the story and characters in a compelling way, leaving viewers wanting more. The combination of a talented cast, intriguing plot, and cinematic visuals makes for an excellent viewing experience.

Episode 2: The Margins

Episode 2: The Margins

In the second episode of “The Old Man” TV series, titled “The Margins,” we see a significant shift in the plot, with new characters introduced and the storylines taking on a more complex and intense tone.

The episode begins with the CIA Deputy Director Harold Harper (played by Wilford Brimley) making his appearance in the series. He is tasked with finding out who killed his former colleague, Nathan Fowler, who was assassinated in the previous episode. We also see the introduction of the character called “The Ghost” (played by Kristin Lehman), who seems to be the mastermind behind Fowler’s assassination.

As the episode progresses, we are taken on a thrilling ride through the world of espionage and conspiracy, as the main character, Dan Chase (played by Jeff Bridges), tries to uncover the truth behind Fowler’s death while avoiding being detected by his enemies. Along the way, he partners with a young woman named Zoe (played by Alia Shawkat), who has her own agenda for getting involved in the case.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this episode is how it sets up the rest of the season. We get a glimpse into the different power dynamics at play within the CIA, as well as the larger geopolitical landscape that shapes the events in the story. Moreover, the new characters introduced in this episode add depth to the existing ones and provide us with clues about their motivations and allegiances.

Overall, “The Margins” is a must-watch episode for any fan of spy thriller series. With its gripping storyline, excellent cast performances, and intriguing plot twists, it keeps you hooked until the very end.

Episode 3: Blackbird

Episode 3: Blackbird

The third episode of “The Old Man” is titled ‘Blackbird,’ and it’s packed with intense moments that keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The episode takes us deeper into the mystery surrounding the murder of a CIA employee, Harold Harper, and the involvement of Dan Chase (played by Jeff Bridges), who has been living off the grid for years.

The episode synopsis reveals that Dan is out to clear his name by finding the real killer of Harold Harper. In this episode, we get a glimpse of Dan’s past as he recalls events that took place in Beirut decades ago. The flashbacks reveal much about his character, his mentality, and the traumatic experiences that have haunted him for decades.

As Dan investigates the case further, he finds himself in more danger than ever before. He faces threats from those who want him dead and must use all his skills to stay alive while trying to solve the case. Meanwhile, the CIA agent, Angela (played by Alia Shawkat), continues her investigation and discovers some surprising facts that link Dan to the murder.

One of the highlights of this episode is undoubtedly the flashback sequences. These scenes are beautifully shot, and they help to give the audience an insight into Dan’s character and mindset. We see how the events of the past have shaped him and how they continue to influence his actions today.

In conclusion, Episode 3: Blackbird is a thrilling instalment in “The Old Man” series. It’s well-written, excellently acted, and full of twists and turns that will leave viewers wanting more. The use of flashbacks adds depth to the storyline, and the overall direction keeps the suspense high throughout. If you haven’t yet watched this episode, then be sure to add it to your must-watch list!

Episode 4: The Wheel

Episode 4: The Wheel

The Old Man TV series has been a hit among viewers due to its intriguing plot and captivating characters. In Episode 4, titled “The Wheel,” the story takes an unexpected turn, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger ending.

The episode synopsis begins with Harold Harper (played by Jeff Bridges) meeting with his old friend, General Rennie (William Hurt), who asks for his help in finding out who leaked sensitive information from a government agency. Meanwhile, Nathan Templeton (John Lithgow) continues to dig into Harper’s past, hoping to find something incriminating.

As the episode unfolds, the tension builds as Harper and his team try to uncover the truth about the information leak. However, just as they think they have found the culprit, a shocking revelation is made that changes everything.

The cliffhanger at the end of “The Wheel” leaves viewers with many questions and sets up the rest of the season for even more suspense and drama. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the next episode to see how the story will continue to unfold.

Overall, Episode 4 of The Old Man TV series is a thrilling addition to the show’s already impressive lineup. The combination of great acting, intricate plot twists, and a fantastic cliffhanger ending makes this episode one that should not be missed.
After exploring The Old Man TV series in detail, we can conclude that it is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys thrilling and action-packed dramas. With only four episodes, the series manages to keep the viewers engaged with its captivating plot, strong performances by the cast, and well-crafted character arcs. Each episode offers something new and exciting, leaving the audience wanting more.

Whether you’re a fan of Jeff Bridges or just looking for a gripping thriller to watch, The Old Man should definitely be on your watchlist. With its intriguing story, fast-paced narrative, and impressive production values, this series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

All in all, The Old Man is a prime example of how quality storytelling, great performances, and skilled direction can come together to create an unforgettable viewing experience. So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

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