• Health

    How Long Can It Last? Understanding the Lifespan of Various Things

    How Long Can Food Last in the Fridge and Freezer? Food storage is an important aspect of food safety and preservation. Storing food in the right conditions can help extend its shelf life, reduce food waste, and save money. Refrigerators and freezers are two common appliances used for food storage. But how long can food last in these appliances? In…

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  • Lifestyle

    The State of Whale Populations in the World: How Many are Left?

    Overview of Whale Populations Around the World Whales are majestic creatures that have been swimming in our oceans for millions of years. However, their populations have been severely impacted by hunting, climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), more than half of all whale species are currently endangered or vulnerable. The…

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