• How old is Enola Holmes in the second movie?

    Time jump in Enola Holmes 2: What’s the time difference? The second Enola Holmes movie, titled “Enola Holmes and the Black Knight,” picks up where the first film left off, but there is a significant time jump between the two. In the first movie, Enola is 16 years old and has just embarked on her first solo adventure to find…

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    How Old is Isabela from Encanto?

    Meet Isabela: The Protagonist of Encanto Isabela is the main character in Disney’s 60th animated feature film, Encanto. She is a young girl with magical powers that come from her family’s unique gift. Isabela lives in the magical world of Encanto, a place where every member of her family possesses a special power, except for her. Isabela’s story revolves around…

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