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    How to Cover Up a Hickey

    Home Remedies to Treat a Hickey Hickeys can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but luckily there are some home remedies you can try to help speed up the healing process. Here are a few options to consider: Apply a cold compress: A cold compress can help reduce swelling and inflammation. You can use a bag of frozen peas or a cold…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to French Kissing: Tips and Techniques

    Preparing for a Successful French Kiss Preparing for a French kiss involves much more than just puckering up your lips. Here are some essential tips to help you get ready for a memorable make-out session: Freshen up: Before you initiate a French kiss, make sure your breath smells fresh. Brush your teeth, use mouthwash, and avoid foods that can leave…

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  • How Old Is Bob Saget’s Wife?

    Who is Bob Saget’s Wife? Bob Saget’s wife is Kelly Rizzo. She is a television host, producer, and blogger. Kelly was born on May 19, 1979, which makes her 43 years old as of 2023. She grew up in a small town in Illinois and attended Southern Illinois University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Radio/Television. Kelly began her…

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  • Technology

    How to Get Your Lost Snapstreak Back: A Complete Guide

    Understanding Snapstreaks and How They Work Snapstreaks are a popular feature on Snapchat that allow users to keep track of how many consecutive days they have exchanged snaps with a particular friend. The longer the streak, the higher the number next to the fire emoji that appears next to your friend’s name. Snapstreaks are a fun way to keep in…

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